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Hello, this is a picture of me!

Welcome! My name is Jonathan Ern Sheong Lin, and this is my personal site where I blog about life, software, and maybe Christianity. I live in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

I am working on building products for myself and the world at Belian Tech. Check out KanRails, PageDash and The Malaysian Pulse.

Previous working experiences:

  • Software Engineer at CoinGecko
  • Front-end Software Engineer at BAE Systems KL, where I worked on enterprise applications.
  • Software Consultant at Belian Tech, where I worked on Ruby on Rails apps.
  • Mobile Software Engineer at Snappymob. I helped churn out the Android and BlackBerry apps for The Malaysian Insider, as well as contributed to the development of Saved for iOS and Android, a budgeting and expenses app.
  • Software Engineer No. 1 at Ocision, now a subsidiary of Star Media Group. Our products include Propwall, iBilik, and Carsifu.

During my downtime, I enjoy jogging, swimming, badminton, playing the guitar, hanging out with friends, writing, and reading.

I am a Christian, saved by a God who unfailingly pursues me with his love and forgiveness despite my failures. He gives me hope for a future while I struggle with the present.

I can be contacted at the concatenation of "ernsheong", the AT character, and "". You can also find me on Github, LinkedIn and Twitter.