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The Admirable Christian

Mar 28, 2015

As a duty-driven person who tends to do Christian things out of duty (and continue to keep on doing them in a dutiful fashion), I really admire the Christian who is able to serve continually with strong sense of grace and purpose. And even if they...

Moving to Enterprise Software

Mar 22, 2015

In my last semester of college (university, for those outside the US), I had the privilege and opportunity to learn Ruby on Rails (RoR) in Software Engineering (CS169, Spring 2012). Hitherto, I never had any "real-world" software experience — until...

Confessions of an ISTJ

Feb 19, 2015

Disclaimer: Well, perhaps not all ISTJs are like this. But it's true for me at least, most of the time. It may even be just me, not an ISTJ thing.

  1. When I'm engrossed in something, like when I'm actually busy on the computer, nothing goes in if you try to tell me something. I'd pay lip service a bit, but I'm really not paying attention. So please don't go mad later when I say, "I don't remember you saying that!"

Software Consulting Realities

Oct 26, 2014

I left my previous job and set out to do software consulting on my own around mid-August this year. People call it freelancing (to my annoyance), but I call it consulting. It's serious business. I'm not sitting at home working in my pajamas. I sublet an office room in SS2 and I check in to work everyday like any other worker bee.

A Fragile Life

Aug 7, 2014

As evidenced by the MH370 and MH17 episodes recently, life can literally take a nosedive such that we disappear into oblivion, or be shot down from the sky.

Regimented Christianity

Jul 28, 2014

Regimented Christianity is the sort of Christianity that seeks to organize the lives of those who are subjected to it.

For one thing, regimented Christianity reasons that you should follow a certain pattern in your life in order to be fruitful and not fall away from the faith. gets a redesign

Jul 27, 2014

I was lazy when I first launched this website. I built v1 of this site without any prior design. I ended up spending a lot more time than necessary doing small tweaks everywhere just because the design was not set in stone before development began.

A tribute to Grandma

Apr 26, 2014

I am glad that I managed to visit my grandma in UH one last time on Thursday evening. She was asleep. At one point her eyes were open, and I faced her to look at her, and she at me. But she didn't utter a word, and her eyes soon closed again.

I didn't expect her to go so soon. On Tuesday when I visited, her oxygen level was unusually high in the 90s, and she showed great rigor in trying to untie herself from the bed. It was a vast improvement from days earlier. I thought that she might have a chance to go home.

Hello, World!

Apr 19, 2014

I would like to thank Allen of Snappymob for allowing me to build a personal site at work. We occasionally have twenty-percent time, where on Fridays we work on side projects or sometimes anything we fancy.